BrokersShow-Vietnam Virtual Expo

BrokersShow-Vietnam Virtual Expo

Lyra May Jagunos

Lyra May Jagunos
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After the huge success of the BrokersShow-Malaysia online event, we are pleased to announce that BrokersShow-Vietnam is going to take place online on September 9-10, 2021. 


BrokersShow is an organizer from Taiwan. It is an online event and a surreal AR experience. It is organized in an objective, fair, and open manner, offering the safest, most ensured, and worry-free platform for traders where they communicate, exchange and trade. 


Experienced guest traders from different parts of Vietnam and other countries will be there to give more information about  professional financial exhibitions.


With different exhibitors activities we ensure that this event will be informative, fun and full of surprises and prizes. 


How to join? 

Sign up at


See you at the event!


May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'BrtkersShow Show Vietnam 9-10/09 Upcoming Authentic AR Experience, Online Chat 24H No Worries Covid 19- 19 Join Right At Home Communicate With Top Traders Easily and Have the Opportunity to Win More Gifts Register Now'

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